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Schools - July 10, 2013

Young poets honored in Portola Valley

by Renee Batti

Lenora Ferro likes to evoke the wisdom of William Carlos Williams when encouraging children to write and read poetry. From one of his poems, "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower," she recites:

It is difficult to get the news from poems,

Yet men die miserably every day

For lack of what is found there.

Those words were among Ms. Ferro's opening remarks at a recent poetry reading and reception for winners of a poetry contest sponsored by Friends of the Portola Valley Library in collaboration with the Portola Valley Library and local schools.

The event celebrated the work of 364 participating Portola Valley children from eight schools, who offered, in poetic style, news and impressions of their worlds.

Ms. Ferro, a member of the Friends of Portola Valley Library, reported after the celebration that during the readings, "even with young children in the crowd, one could hear a pin drop. And 'the news' from our poets was indeed what we need to hear — from word about the Patriot Act to the marketing of body image to greed and sorrow and real beauty to 'who-I-am' musings ... "

Contest winners were awarded gift certificates from Kepler's bookstore — $50 for first place, $30 for second, $20 for third, and $10 for those receiving honorable mention honors.

The winners

Kindergarten: Eleonora Axelrad, first place.

First grade: Marie Goodson, first place; Tanner Benz, second place; Logan Wilson, third place; Loli Prelle, honorable mention.

Second grade: Raphael Bajet, first place; Jackie Nassiri, second place; Evan Gerdes, third place; Bennett Lacerte, honorable mention.

Third grade: Brynn Brady, first place; Ben Lamm, second place; Mishal Junaid, third place; Nicholas McKee, honorable mention.

Fourth grade: Sophia Gottfried, first place; Alec C. Lacerte, second place; Calvin Katz, third place; Ayisah Anderson, honorable mention.

Fifth grade: Eliza Sandell, first place; Piper Holland, second place; Jake Gainey, third place; Annabelle Ross, honorable mention.

Sixth grade: Tara Kariat, Olivia Treynor, tie for first place; Anne Boyle, Kenneth Akers, tie for second place; Joshua Eichbaum, Livie Carusi, tie for third place; Cameron Cronwall, Francesca Geoly, Emma Jaeger, Amanda Smith, Henry Saul, honorable mentions.

Seventh grade: Isaac Roybal, Jamie Wojtowicz, tie for first place; Thomas Winham, Claire Ryland, tie for second place; Sergio Calderon, third place; Eva Elfishawy, Jasmine Tang, honorable mentions.

Eighth grade: Natasha Badger, Emily Chargin, tie for first place; Alix Friedman, Lucie Morgan, tie for second place; Samantha Ramsey, Jacyn Schmidt, tie for third place; Max Untrecht, Brynn Williams, honorable mentions.

Ninth grade: Sophie Concordel, first place; Kelsey Gosling, second place; Robert Wilson, third place; Lilly Johnson, honorable mention.

Tenth grade: Vick Xu, first place.

Eleventh grade: Sarah Reid, first place.

Twelfth grade: Emma Wiszowaty, first place.