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News - June 26, 2013

Police Calls

This information is from the Menlo Park Police Department and the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. Under the law, people charged with offenses are considered innocent unless convicted.


Scam report: A grandparent residing on Iroquois Trail sent $7,200 in cash to an address in Canada after a phone call from "a grandchild" who claimed to need the money to avoid going to jail after a car accident in San Francisco involving a Canadian diplomat, June 14.


Theft reports:

• Someone stole a set of Bose headphones, two cell phone chargers and $30 in coins from an unlocked vehicle parked on Hesketh Drive, June 20.

• A man reported missing his wallet and $70 in cash after having gotten off a bus and walking home near the corner of Spruce Avenue and El Camino Real, June 20.

Fraud reports:

• A Cotton Street resident found an apartment on Craigslist and wire-transferred a $1,500 security deposit to a bank account, after which the person associated with the bank account and the apartment suspended all contact, June 18.

• Someone wrote $740 in unauthorized checks against the account of a Crane Street resident, June 19.

Hit and run accident report: A witness left a note on a silver Honda Accord parked near Burgess Park that described the driver of a motorhome backing out of a parking space and colliding with the side of the Honda, causing moderate damage, and driving off without leaving a note, June 19.


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