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Viewpoint - February 6, 2013

Letter: Big changes in Menlo over last 40 years

We moved from Palo Alto to Menlo Park in 1985. Although prices were considerably cheaper back then, it was still a financial stretch for us to move into the neighborhood we wanted.

But we felt that Palo Alto just had too much of a big-city feel, that Menlo Park had the atmosphere we desired and would be a great place to raise our young family.

Over the last almost 30 years we've seen quite a few changes and the small town feel of Menlo Park gradually eroded away. Much of that change unfortunately has been due to our neighbor Stanford, in their continual push to expand and overcrowd the area in which we live.

We are deeply disappointed in Menlo Park for even considering such a massive project as the Stanford/Arillaga development in an already congested area and are therefore opposed to the project. We see absolutely no benefit to a plan that overcrowds our streets and neighborhoods while providing very little in return.

We see what was once a great place to settle down and raise a family, a city with a small-town atmosphere, a haven in the suburban sprawl of the Bay Area, being turned into yet another unidentifiable/forgettable town on the Peninsula that may only be remembered by those sitting in traffic while trying to drive just the short 1 1/2 miles of the city limits along El Camino Real.

We see radically increased traffic, noise and air pollution. We see more traffic signals along El Camino and in the town limits. We see more traffic-related accidents, injuries and deaths. We see property values being affected negatively. We see increased costs. And we see a much less desirable place to live.

Paul and Cindy Podesta Bay Laurel Drive, Menlo Park


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