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Viewpoint - November 14, 2012

Letter: Use of vans could enhance (old) library use

Now that Measure F is defeated, let me rephrase my input to the environmental impact report (EIR) draft on the project:

Our library can be enhanced without impact on our park and to the benefit of Atherton residents whose funds are now saved.

I suggest we equip our library with one or more vans, dedicated to ebooks, and staffed by trained librarians who on request drive to homes of Atherton residents who want access to ebooks on their gadgets.

Some librarians are already savvy. Use some of the $6 million saved to make the present library earthquake-proof and to buy and equip the van or vans. Nearby towns may feel excluded but they will benefit from Atherton's innovation, if they want vans.

Why this letter? Many times each week, I walk the path at our park using CDs from our library to avoid boredom. At my request a librarian off duty came to our Atherton home to solve a PC problem, after teaching us while on duty how to get ebooks from the library.

The Almanac, despite publishing editorials favoring passage of Measure F, graciously printed my letters against F. I took out papers to run for the town council but never carried through because of the high cost, risk of bias such as Denise Kupperman has suffered, and lack of any income.

Now it is clear why our council is made up of those who profit from the podium, such as lawyers, developers, and so on. Our council is not representative.

The EIR draft invited us to submit ideas. I submitted this one. The EIR authors said their task was only for the library in the park, so my idea was not relevant. Now it is.

Tom Croft, Moulton Drive, Atherton


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