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Cover Story - November 14, 2012

Jake: 'We actually enjoy learning'

by Barbara Wood

Special to the Almanac

One of the most impressive things about Creekside school is the enthusiasm of its 14 students.

Jake Gainey says that he fits in better at Creekside than in any other school he's attended, especially because he feels that all 14 students are friends.

"I learn a lot more stuff," Jake says. "They don't make us sit down and say: 'This is what you're going to learn about.' We actually get to enjoy learning."

Trevor Perez says he likes the hands-on aspect. "It just makes the experience more memorable and it sticks in your head," he explains.

Samson Axe says he appreciates the fact that "at recess you can basically do what you want," because sometimes what he wants is to stay inside working on a project.

Maya Blevins says she likes that "you get to take control over your own learning. You can do the learning you want to do."

JJ Noland notes that students get to choose how they will attack a project. "We have a lot more freedom," she says.

On the other hand, Charlie Gainey says that "there's so much more responsibility." At Creekside, he is not treated as a child, but "as an adult," he says.

In the end, however, it may be this that matters most: "I actually get up in the morning wanting to get to school," Charlie says.


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