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Viewpoint - October 31, 2012

Guest opinion: Open letter to Portola Valley

by Leslie Lambert

You probably didn't know that during my time working in the Building and Planning Department in Los Altos Hills many years ago, the entire staff would come and have lunch at Rossotti's on a Friday afternoon.

On the way there along Arastradero Road I would always look over at one particular building and I thought perhaps someday I would work there. I had no idea what they did there, but it looked like a comforting place to be. Some 10 years later I did go to work there at S.P. McClenahan, and luckily for me I met my husband Terry, who has worked there for more than 30 years. With even more luck, one day I opened the Almanac and saw a job opening for the position of deputy town clerk in the Building and Planning Department in Portola Valley. Ever since, Portola Valley has become a meaningful part of my life. Terry and I were married at Christ Church, we had our reception in the old multipurpose room at Town Center. Funny how things work out, isn't it? Got to love it.

Over the past 20-plus years that I have worked for the town, the people and community have meant so very much to me. This really became an important part of my life. It has been wonderful to work in such a beautiful location and lovely area and have the opportunity to meet such appreciative people who have made this town so special. The volunteer spirit of the residents, the long-term consultants, the local businesses, public safety, and a town staff committed to keeping Portola Valley as it is, is commendable.

After having the traumatic brain injury over one and a half years ago and being able to go back to work truly helped me to recover, knowing that I had so much support from everyone in the town. Because of a recent brain seizure, Terry and I decided that it was time for me to retire from my position with the town. I am grateful for my time in Portola Valley and I will so miss everyone I have met over the years. You have all meant so very, very much to me.

You have a lovely community and you should cherish it and keep it living as it is — there aren't many places like this.

Leslie Lambert is the former planning manager of Portola Valley.