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News - August 8, 2012

Atherton: Lewis files for re-election  

by Renee Batti

With only one week left before the filing deadline, Elizabeth Lewis turned in her papers Aug. 3 to run for re-election to the Atherton City Council, making her the only official candidate to date.

      Ms. Lewis is completing her first term on the council, and now serves as vice mayor, which puts her in a prime position for being handed the gavel in December if she wins re-election.

         Other residents who have taken out papers, but not filed them, are: Cary Wiest, Denise Kupperman, Bob Roeser, Jo-Ann Byrne Sockolov, and Greg Conlon.

         Councilwoman Kathy McKeithen told the Almanac on Friday that she has made a decision on whether she will run for re-election, but she will not make the decision public yet. Asked why not, she said, "I just want a certain amount of privacy in my life right now."

         Councilwoman Lewis is a member of the Town Center Task Force Committee, and has been a leader in the push to rebuild the center using private funds. She and Councilman Jerry Carlson often cast the minority votes in divided council decisions.

         The filing deadline for running for the two open council seats is Friday, Aug. 10. If Ms. McKeithen doesn't file papers by then, the filing period will be extended to Wednesday, Aug. 15, for all non-incumbents.