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Viewpoint - February 12, 2014

Letter: Logo that was free costs Menlo Park $48,000

Our venerable Menlo Park oak tree logo — the same one that we see on signs, stationary, vehicles, and buildings around town, is alive and well once again.

Even if our local City Council tried to kill it. It is a solid, bold design and will last decades. Gary Williams and Bill Neylan (Wank, Williams, Neylan and Olian) loved this community and gave Menlo Park a great logo — pro bono. It didn't cost the citizens a penny.

So when I read that Menlo Park has already spent $48,000 on a style guide after a new logo design was authorized and paid for and then rejected by the council, it is apparent to many who live here, including myself, that someone or something went amiss.

If the existing logo needed updated typography (which was an albatross) and a guide so staff would know how to apply the logo, then this simple project could have been assigned to a local graphic designer for two day's work.

Nearly $50,000 is a lot of money to waste on anything so when government tries to become involved in marketing or promotion, then stop the presses. An experienced marketing expert who has the city at heart and remains neutral can avoid another $48,000 lesson. City Council, an apology to the citizens is now your call.

Addison Olian, Lee Drive, Menlo Park


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