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Cozy Jarlenski Dean
July 14, 1934-July 15, 2022
Palo Alto, California

People always say “She was like no other” when asked about someone they love. I always thought well that’s nonsense and yet here I’m gonna say she truly was one of a kind and like no other! The kind of person you only meet once in your life and if you’re lucky enough you have them for the rest of your life.

She loved art and could talk about it for hours. She loved music, all kinds of music from Jazz standards to classic rock to pop. Oh and she loved to dance I always heard stories about her and Uncle Stephen swing dancing unfortunately I never got to see that but I know she loved to dance.

Oh and she loved to talk politics, or better yet, argue politics!

She was the person everyone came to for reassurance she didn’t give advice or tell you it was all OK no she gave you the courage to know you could do it or she just played devils advocate until you had calm down. If you wanted to whine and complain about your troubles she was there for you and it was her no nonsense attitude that just made everything better and not feel so heavy.

She was my best friend my mother my aunt my twin she was my person my ride or die.

Every time I see a sunrise I’ll think of you

Every time a flower blooms I’ll think of you

And every time I hear the birds sing I’ll think of you

And I miss you more than words can express so I’ll just simply say I love you every day.


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