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By Laura Stec

Idaho Hot Springs and Yellowstone – Travelin’ Solo

Uploaded: Jun 28, 2022

Hello Food Partiers! and Courageous Travelers all from Yellowstone National Park.

I am happy to report the park is open, at least the southern loop, even after extreme flooding which appears to have closed the northern part of the park for possibly the entire year. Roads and bridges were washed out. Any chance you saw the video of the house floating down the river?

We’ve started another Travelin’ Solo journey, this time a road trip across Idaho with stops at some great hot springs, 4 national parks, and a bunch of beautiful places.

Off to find America.

Posting the blog on the road is a bit tough - dictating into my phone, trying to sneak some Internet. Coverage has been spotty. But the trip is going well and the weather has been cooperative. You might not hear from me for a while, but when you do we”ll be talking about my new camp stove, great camp meals for the road, terrific restaurants and local watering holes worth checking out in the area.

Until then let me leave you with this photo. Idaho is the land of amazing natural Hot Springs. I’ve never interacted with the environment in this ongoing fashion! Keep your bathing suit on and drive between literal hotspots that fill the Sawtooth Mountains. They are part of the international Ring of Fire. This photo is at Sunbeam Hot Springs.


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