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By Cheryl Bac

Babies on Board

Uploaded: May 10, 2016

By now you may have seen or heard about Jet Blue's "FlyBabies" Mother's Day ad. On one cross-country flight, passengers received 25% of their next Jet Blue flight every time a baby on board cried. Not surprisingly, the babies cooperated and everyone on that flight received a free ticket.

I recently flew alone with our kids, so I thought the promotion was both timely and cute.

Jet Blue's Mother's Day commercial was a nice reminder that many parents with little ones are doing everything they can to make the flight go as smoothly as possible. And that fellow passengers can help by sending a friendly smile their way.

I've been very lucky to be seated next to many passengers who not only send a smile our way but who also lent a helping hand.

Some acts of kindness I've appreciated:

1. Fellow passengers who've offered to put a carry-on in the overhead bin or to take one down.

2. Seat-mates who've lent a helping hand when the flight attendant brought food/drinks.

3. On one flight I ended up with a lap child in a middle seat. One of the people sitting next to me quickly offered me the armrest. Having that armrest make holding a sleeping baby much more comfortable.

4. On a recent flight my daughter slept while everyone boarded the plane. I greatly appreciated it when the person sitting next to me (who was a mother herself) waited for small talk until after my little one woke up.

5. People who have offered to help me in the airport at check-in, security, or baggage. And those who respected my decision if I said "no thank you."

6. And, seat-mates who've offered to help calm an unhappy little one. But let us be if I believed baby was hungry, overstimulated, sick, overtired, etc.

Yes, smiles are great. But what I most appreciate are those small acts of kindness from strangers that can make a big difference when traveling with little ones. How have fellow passengers helped you when you've traveled with kids?