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By John Raftrey And Lori McCormick

508 Dreams Dashed at UC Santa Cruz

Uploaded: Aug 11, 2015

(Written by John Raftrey)

UC Santa Cruz has withdrawn their offer of admission to 508 students who were planning to attend the university this fall. The university cites issues with transcripts as the reason for revoking the offers of admission.

Santa Cruz Sentinel

The transcript issues seem to fall into three categories:

1) Late transcripts that missed the July 1st deadline.
2) Missing transcripts for courses not taken at the high school.
3) Bad grades, dropped courses, didn't graduate.

For students who had their admission dropped at any of the UC's, check out my colleague's website: AskMsSun.com She is an expert on UC appeals.

Lesson for all high school students. This applies to most colleges, not just the UC's.

1) Make sure your high school knows the UC deadline is July 1. Most schools know this. Most missing transcripts are caused because the student forgot to order one before they left for the graduation party.

2) Have ALL the institutions where you took courses send the school a transcript. If they don't do it directly, then have them send it to you in a tamper proof envelope and you send it to the school. Send the transcripts even if the courses and the grades show up on your high school transcript. This includes students who went to more than one high school. If freshman year was in Paris, you have to send the college an official copy of your Parisian school's transcript.

3) If you are headed for a D or F, or dropped a course you told the college you were taking, then call them while high school is still in session. Have your counselor call them as well and explain the circumstances. If you didn't graduate and are taking a summer school class, then you have a problem because chances are the summer school class ends after the transcript deadline. That means the will have your old transcript and they may revoke your admission. UC Santa Cruz will revoke it for sure. So you have to find the counselor at the college who handled your case and tell them what happened. Chances are you will have to appeal their decision to take away your admission ticket.

4) If you get arrested over the summer and you are over 18 or are a juvenile who has been sentenced to juvenile hall, right after you call your lawyer, call your college counselor. This has to be handled delicately with the schools and you should get some good advice.