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By Cheryl Bac

Magical Bridge Playground

Uploaded: Apr 20, 2015

What better way to start off the week than by checking out a brand new playground. Our son and his friends had a great time exploring the new Magical Bridge Playground this morning.

Although there were many kids running around, the park easily accommodated the crowd. However, I bet I wasn't the only parent wishing I had dressed my son in a brighter color so I could more easily see when he dashed off from one play area to the next. As with any new play space, it will take a little while for me to get used to this park's unique blind spots.

I'm so used to bringing a bag of toys with us to the park. It was a wonderful change of pace to leave our toys at home and instead focus on discovering what this innovative and inclusive park has to offer - especially all of the different equipment for kids to spin, swing, sway and slide. We stayed for about two hours and still didn't play with everything!

The slides were clearly a favorite place for many children. And, although it wasn't packed with kids, I enjoyed the park's unique laser harp. We'll definitely be adding the Magical Bridge Playground into our park rotation.

Did you check out the new Magical Bridge Playground yet? What did you think?