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By Cheryl Bac

How I Met Your Father

Uploaded: Apr 5, 2014

Ever since my son was a few days old, I've been telling him stories about our I met his father, where he proposed, and who came to our wedding. Recently, I've also started telling him stories that have been passed down the generations...our favorites are from his great grandma. She recently wrote us a 15 page letter with memories from childhood Christmases and birthdays. What a fun letter to read out loud to my son.

Of course my son is too young to understand or remember these stories...but that's ok. He enjoys repeating words and names that most interest him and pointing to the smiling faces in the photos that I've posted on his wall. It's been a wonderful way for him to become more familiar with relatives that live too far away for us to visit as often as we would like.

As he grows up, I'm sure it will become more difficult to entertain him with these stories, but until then, I will continue to solidify these stories into my memory. That way I'm ready when he is all grown up and is (hopefully) interested in hearing them again.

How do you share family stories with your children? Did it get easier or harder as they grew up?