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By Jessica T

Changing the world one booby burqa at a time

Uploaded: Dec 16, 2013

Supermodel Giselle Bundchen made headlines last week when she posted this incredible photo of herself multitasking at work.

If you've been reading this blog, you probably know that I don't use a breastfeeding cover. Giselle Bundchen is in my camp. I've been disturbed that using breastfeeding covers has become the norm (at least for many of us mere mortals). My husband brought my attention to the fact that not a single friend has come over and nursed her baby without a cover since I've been on leave with the twins. This wasn't the case when my oldest daughter was a baby.

So, in keeping with my curiosity about why women today feel compelled to wear them, I've been querying my friends about their reasons for using breastfeeding covers. Each of them has claimed her own modesty, but then something amazing happened a few weeks ago.

My friend, we'll call her Jane, had previously nursed with a breastfeeding cover at my house. We had discussed my blog posts and how I felt about them. Then, we were at a seminar several weeks later about Returning to Work. And she miraculously fed her son without a breastfeeding cover surrounded by strangers.

Afterwards, at lunch, I said, "Jane! You breastfed your son without a cover today. I couldn't believe it!"

"I did!" she said. She had discussed the issue recently with a friend who felt, like I did, that they were unnecessary. Jane said, "And it's so much less of a pain, not to use one."

"But," Jane said, "I still use one if there are men around." (But perhaps she wouldn't if they styling her hair and applying her makeup?)

We laughed about it and then Jane said cheerfully, "Jessica T, your blog is changing the world one booby burqa at a time!"

What's your take on Giselle's post?