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By Martin Lamarque

Fire Board Race. The "experts" didn?t convince me

Uploaded: Nov 4, 2013

"Carolyn" I said, "you should've released the answers to the Union's questionnaire earlier in the race. So as to not give your detractors free ammunition."

But the truth is, even if she had released those answers one month ago, the efforts to try to depict her as no more than the Firefighters Union puppet, would have gone out jus as relentlessly.

We will find out tomorrow how well those attacks on everything Carolyn's were able to sway the electorate, or not. There may be 5 candidates, but no one can deny, by looking at the rhetoric, that this race was mostly between an idealistic, and inexperienced budding politician, and an experienced man, helped by a lot of what sounded like angry individuals pushing the same message, in an even angrier way. And if you doubt my assessment, don't take my word for it; go back and look at those comments in the forums. Or just wait for them to appear shortly here, at the bottom of this blog.

Please note that when I say inexperienced politician, I am not implying inability to serve. That is one of the pieces we haven't figured out about the political message used by those with money. That their experience with businesses somehow gives them the right to administer public offices.

Mind you, our country is just starting to recover from a self-inflicted financial wound at the hands of men who touted such virtues. Unfortunately, the naive believed them, and voted them into office.

I took a good look at Peter Carpenter's campaign literature. His record is impressive. But I still wonder: How many more years on the Board would he need to promote cooperation and finally get a contract signed?

Most propaganda I got with Mr. carpenter's name on it, included a pitch for Mr. Rex Ianson. A man with a long career in the field. But I also have to wonder: at what point did Mr. Ianson realize that his compensation as a fireman was out of line? And would he now, after his epiphany, be willing to return to us, taxpayers, some of those?according to Peter Carpenter and his supporters-- exorbitant payments he collects from his pension?

Now. How is Mr. Bernstein's experience as an educator, any better than Clarke's experience as a leader in her community? Remember, we are talking about running a public entity, not a Coca-Cola office.

We will find out tomorrow. And whatever way you readers decide to vote, what's important is that you get out and do it.