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By Paul Bendix

On Life's Road With No Car

Uploaded: Oct 25, 2013

At some point most of us will face facts and permanently hang up the car keys. Almanac readers have offered great suggestions about how to safely manage aging and driving.

Still, as an aging person, here's a bad dream: my car breaks down, and I'm stuck at home...for the next 15 years.

This isn't all fantasy. When I am too old to safely drive, will my life be this restricted?

This question haunts many of us in suburbia. What comes after we stop driving?

If it means losing the ability to independently shop, socialize, and stay active...no wonder people resist giving up a car.

Some people stop driving, then move to retirement communities with built-in transportation. But what if you want to stay in your own home and neighborhood?

Please share your thoughts about living in our community without a car. When it's time to stop driving, what will you need to stay active and engaged? What would help most? Better transportation services? Something else?